WhoWe Are

We are soltaire for agricultural and industrial chemicals co., a branch entity of Elhelb group for chemicals, established in 2006 in Borg El-Arab industrial area occupying 50 000

Our company name inspires the team with the value the products and services should have, with an experience rooted to about 50 years in farmer service field, specially in agro-chemical sector.

With a new vision looking forward to the future aspects and trends in the agrochemical field, with a highly qualified professionally trained staff, we have commenced our activities, relying on our heritage & the updated technologies aiming to satisfy our target audience everywhere.

Our mission is to help farmers around the world through keeping their agricultural outputs safe and free of pests which affect the total value, on basis of the sustainable development.

Our history based on the long history which extend to a century half experience with Agri-chemical trade and manufacture which started in the seventies of the last century, with invasive strategy in the nineties through the access of the major Asian and African markets.